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Dear  users the time has come for the African occult mysticism and disclaims any of these windows, through which you can read in rituals and secrets transcendent mysticism and occult tradition have kept secret until today.

The occult was formerly reveals a centuries-old practice through which the guarantors of the tradition use to communicate with cosmic deities in response to an application or a given situation.

It is also an instrument of power on the one hand but also influence on the environment; the second kind.

So your WP: KNOWLEDGE on the Mystic and Occult tradition; provide an answer to these topics. All themes and aspects of mysticism and occultism black Africans will be treated extensively.

The opportunity will be given to all critics to find out what the African occult; also the practitioners of certain professions para-normal (medium; lights; spiritualism practitioners etc.) and occult science researchers; to discover and enrich their platform.

Dear (es) users; this WordPress yours and together we can build the best.

Please go to Contact link to contact us; Your suggestions are welcome in order to better meet your expectations!

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